How can I help?

You can support the cause of Namal Knowledge City through one or more of the following ways:

  1. Contribute towards Scholarship Fund
  2. Become a Membership
  3. Donate a Brick
  4. Donate in-Kind
  5. Give Zakat
  6. Contribute Towards General Donation Fund 

How can I donate to Namal?

You may contribute through any one of the following ways:

  1. The most efficient way to make a donation to Namal is to donate online through the website by clicking on "Donate."
  2. You can dispatch your cheque to Namal Education Foundation office (Address: 7A Abu Bakar Block, New Garden Town, Lahore). Cheque to be crossed in the name of "Namal Education Foundation."
  3. You can also get your cash and/or cheque collected from your doorstep. This facility is only available in Lahore and Islamabad. Please call +92 324 9911 917 to have your donation picked.
  4. You can also deposit cash, cheque  or transfer fund online directly to our bank account.

What are the benefits of becoming a Member of Namal Knowledge City?

All Members of Namal Knowledge City get the following benefits:

  1. Membership cards are issued to all members. The card entitltes members access to all major events hosted by Namal.
  2. All members will get regular updates about Namal through our e-newsletter
  3. Members will have access to Member's Portal where they can connect with other Members across the living all over the world

What is Namal Global Network?

This is an online platform where all Members can sign-in to see history of your contribution to Namal. The portal also allows your to interact with other Members from all over the world.

Where is Namal Institute located?

Namal Institute is located in the District of Mianwali in Northern Punjab. It lies 30 km outside the city of Mianwali.

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