Founder's Message

If we are to have a balanced society, people must be provided with equal opportunities to grow and prosper in the fields of leadership, innovation and sustainability. Namal provides quality higher education and gives equal opportunities to the marginalized youth. By working towards making higher education available for our talented young generation, we are laying a foundation for a vibrant and growing society. Furthermore, accessible and affordable higher education will enable Pakistan to stand amongst leading nations.

My vision is to see more than half of the students in the university benefit through scholarships and eventually give back to the Pakistani community. Namal is rapidly moving towards our vision of becoming a center of academic excellence for rural development. I am proud to have such a diverse student body, majority of them being supported through financial assistance and an increasing number of PhD faculty members. Success of Namal College was the first milestone and the launch of the Agribusiness School is the second big step in our eventual goal of creating the largest Knowledge City of Pakistan in Mianwali.

The establishment of Namal Knowledge City brings the vision of a sustainable Pakistan one step closer. Under the multidisciplinary Namal Knowledge City, students will become tomorrow’s leaders.

Imran Khan
Namal Education Foundation