100 Cities Campaign

Much of Pakistan’s history has been defined by the unceasing movement of people and talent to foreign countries. The phenomenon known as ‘brain drain’ has led diasporas of Pakistanis settling in virtually all corners of the globe. But this begs the question; is there a way to unite them? Can we bring back Pakistanis to Pakistan? And most importantly can we fetch back the knowledge and talent that has emigrated outside of our national borders?

This feat may sound too ambitious, however, there is a way to achieve it. The new phenomenon ‘reverse brain drain’ is slowly taking shape. The epicenter of this movement 30 km outside of Mianwali at the heart of rural Punjab. Herein lies the stage for creating Namal Knowledge City. Building this city and then sustaining it demands monumental resources and efforts. This is certainly not possible without combining the efforts and knowledge of Pakistanis from all over the world. ‘100 Cities Campaign’ aims to do just that. The goal of this campaign is to take Namal’s vision to 100 cities across the globe to solicit Pakistani expats to contribute their knowledge, expertise and financial resources. They can primarily do this by becoming esteemed ‘Founding Members’ of Namal Knowledge City. 63 cities have been covered so far as part of this campaign from around 20 countries all over the world including Pakistan.

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