Namal Knowledge City

The vision of Namal Knowledge City was conceived by Mr. Imran Khan. The idea of Namal Knowledge City is to create a hub of knowledge exchange and research in Mianwali. Major construction work on the city is expected to be completed by the year 2027. The knowledge city will include academic blocks, a knowledge center, sports complex, sports grounds, a hospital, technology parks, business centers, shopping malls, a dairy farm, a resort, software houses, hotels, primary school, and housing colony for faculty, among others. The knowledge city will have a population of 11,000 with construction spread over 4 million square feet. The student population would be 7,000 with 600 faculty members. Total of US$ 200 million would be spent in constructing the knowledge city which will be built on the concept of zero carbon foot print.

The first project by Namal Knowledge City was Namal College which started its operations in the year 2008. Agribusiness School is the second major project which was initiated in 2017.